What is the Nathaniel B meme? What are its origin and meaning?


Its just another day, and there is a new and yet another even more ridiculous trend going viral on TikTok, now it seems that another new trend by the name of Nathaniel B is now spreading like wildfire, it won’t be the first time that this trend has gained popularity on the platform, this trend had been brought back in popularity now by the users of TikTok     

What is the Nathaniel B trend?

You might have laid your eyes on a variety of TikTok trends, the new even more weird and ridiculous than the previous one, among the list of the most ridiculous TikTok trends is the viral trend of Nathaniel B, the trend had first earned its fame and popularity back in the year 2020, and now it seems that the TikTok users are trying to resurge its popularity once again, and if you one of those who are interested in the trend yet sorely lack information regarding, then worry not since we have all the information here, the person who had been behind this viral trend goes by the name of Prince Maj, in one of the first videos regarding the trend, a group of young men who could be seen in one of those rap battles and diss tracks, Prince Maj can be seen quoting the lyrics of the songs, hold up you can’t handle me, aren’t you Nathaniel B?

Why is the trend Nathaniel B so popular?    

The video of this trend was first dropped by prince Maj in the month of July in the year 2020 on the platform of tiktok, by the end of the year that particular video had around 2.7 million views on it and was still gaining in numbers.

Users react to the Nathaniel B trend

The users have shown great enthusiasm for the trend by giving it a lot of views and recreating their own videos by making trends about it.