Who is Ahmad Abouammo convicted of being a spy in Saudi Arabia?

Ahmad Abouammo was convicted

Credit: Twitter


If you don’t know Ahmad Abouammo is an American-Lebanese resident. He was stated guilty of spying. He was doing it on the behalf of the Saudi Arabia Government. 

Ahmad Abouammo was found guilty 

Ahmad Abouammo was convicted on Tuesday, in San Franciso. Later on, it was found out that he was a former employee at the company of Twitter. He was accused of criminal counts (6) which includes money laundering, and fabricating records, along with that it includes conspiracy too. All these were done to implement the fraud. According to their lawyer, Ahmad was recruited through Bader-Al-Asaker. He is one of the dear people to Mohammed Bin Salman’s current Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince. As per the reports, Ahmad was asked to supply them with the information and other personal details on the dissidents of Saudi.

Along with that, it was said that Ahmad Abouammo can face imprisonment of 10 to 20 years because of the crime. Although, CBS said that this event can be marked as the first time when the Saudi came to light anything related to spying on the United States of America.

More about Ahmad and allegations against him

According to the reports, there was a leak of personal information to the team of Salman for almost 6 months by Ahmad Abouammo. Adding to the information provided by CBS the prosecutor claimed Ahmad apparently disclosed the details. He did it from more than 6000 accounts on Twitter to the government of Saudi Arabia. Although, the Arabian government also tried to eliminate more than 33 accounts by submitting them by sending a disclosure appeal to Twitter. He is disclosing the information on estimates from 2014, November, and 2015, May. 

What was social media users’ reaction? 

After the news was released, it created a wholesome buzz. Many users came on social media to brutally work against Ahmad Abouammo’s crimes. One social media user wrote, that he would like to greet the engineer Saudi mole. By working on Twitter he can steal anyone’s details. And another user said he is going to block all the accounts on Twitter where there are going to be long names after their name. Along with that, people claim they possess a kind heart.