Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock talk about Will Smith Slap at the Oscars 

Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock


Although some months have passed since the infamous incident of actor Will Smith slapping comedian Chris Rock on stage while at the ceremony of the Oscars, Chris Rock and his partner Dave Chappelle with whom he is on a tour of the UK, took to the stage at the M&S Arena in the city of Liverpool as they took a dig at the event that occurred at the Oscars ceremony this year. Although for quite some time, the 57-year-old comedian had decided to not talk about their incident and decided to keep the things to himself, while at the stage in Liverpool, after some probing by Dave, Chris Rock finally decided to talk about it on Thursday that went by, that was the 1st of September, at being asked whether what happened at the Oscars hurt Chris, he responded with a series of curses for will smith and said how it was one of the nicest jokes he said.

Chris Rock labels Will Smith as Ugly

Chris Rock went on to say that Will Smith had done a good job of keeping up an act of being a nice person, but in truth, he is as ugly as they come, he went on to say that no matter what happens later, its best for everyone Will Smith doesn’t begin to act the nice person again, he also went on to talk about the harsh environment of West Philadelphia and the troubled youth of Will Smith.

What had happened between Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars 

If you aren’t living under a rock for a while, you would know what happened at the Oscars ceremony this year when, the comedian Chris Rock who had been at the stage had cracked a joke about the former wife of Will Smith, Jaden Smith, this led Will Smith to walk on the stage and slap Will Smith.