MrBeast becomes the second Youtuber to get 100 million subscribers. Know his net worth


YouTube is a platform where hitting a million is not easy on the other hand if you hit 100 million then it’s massive. Another person added to the list of people having 100 million subscribers. The first one on this list is Pew DiePie and now the new entry is Mr. Beast. Every day new people make their accounts on YouTube to become popular, but this fame is received by only some. Hitting 100 million is one of the biggest successes anyone can have on YouTube. Few have already joined the club of people having 100m subscribers. Some are already on the list of expected YouTubers to hit 100m. 

Read the article thoroughly to know about MrBeast. 

MrBeast added to the list of 100m subscribers. 

YouTube has slowly evolved to be a platform not only for entertainment but also for earning. The content creators are divided into genres if we segregate. There are gaming creators, dance creators, and many more. Some have been showered with lots of love and support from their users. This may be because of their hard work and luck. The love is so intense that they have already crossed 100 million trademarks. One such name is Mr. Beast. 

Who is MrBeast?

MrBeast the famous Youtuber whose real identity is Donaldson has joined the line of having 100 million subscribers. This club is having more and more people now. MrBeast is a Youtuber who collaborates with different content creators, YouTubers, or Celebrities. We can see him in different YouTubers’ videos also. Now due to all the love and support his fans gives to him he has entered the club of 100 million subscribers. Hence becoming the second one in the line. The competition on Youtuber is increasing rapidly with time. Also, the audience is also becoming particular about the content.  

Though some content creators are up to date and produce audience-friendly related content. Due to this, they don’t have lots of issues with the growing competition. 


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Who is PewDiePie?

Presently, the ruling person on YouTube is PewDiePie with has more than 111 million subscribers on Youtube. New ones are added to the list including Mr. Beast. Recently he had 100 million subscribers and is expected to grow more soon.

How did Mr. Beast react to the news?

MrBeast who was poured with love from his subscribers is due to the giveaways, and many other mesmerizing acts he had in his videos. However, the reaction which MrBeast will have to the news is what all his fans are waiting for. He broke the ice and said it is a very huge thing for him. Along with that, he said he is actively making YouTube videos from the time he was an 11-year-old kid. He gave an emotional turn to the message by saying he will do this on the last day of his life also.