Is Adele engaged to Rich Paul? The truth behind the rumors

Is Adele engaged to Rich Paul?

Credit: CNN

The British singer Adele has been in the limelight for quite some time, although she had been gathering the attention of everyone due to the fact how fit she got and how much weight she lost, although now the public seems even more interested and invested in her life, with the rumors circulating that the Adele is engaged to Rich Paul, the audience seems to want to dig deeper to want to know the whole truth, but it seems that Adele wants to keep her cards close to her chest and isn’t willing much for let her love life be known and get out in the public, so is there any truth to the rumors that are circulating on the internet, that the singer Adele has been engaged to Rich Paul?

Are Adele and Rich Paul engaged?

It seems that getting any amount of substantial information about their love life of Adele is very tough since we are guessing that she still wants to keep things under wraps, when being interviewed for her feature in the cover article of Elle magazine, she was asked about how her connection to the American Sports agent Rich Paul, she did not elaborate much and just chose to maintain that how she is still not married at the moment, although she did not talk about the current status of the relationship between the two, she did mention that how she feels that she has never been in love like this before and she feels she has an obsession with her boyfriend Rich Paul, who might as well be her fiancé, she also took the opportunity to talk about he cancellation of the concert which led to many fans being disappointed and was source of embarrassment for her for quite some time, she felt that it was all too forced and was lacking in soul.