Beyonce created a reference with Solange to Jay-Z’s fight in an elevator

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Since the release of Beyonce’s album called ‘Renaissance’, the seventh solo album of hers on 29th July 2022 it has become the talk of the town. It has captured lots of attention from the viewers. Beyonce, the famous singer is married to Jay-Z, the musician. She alluded directly to her husband’s controversial infidelity. This happened when she was mentioning the historic squabble he had with Solange, her sister. They had this argument in an elevator in the year 2014.

It is seen to be like making a mockery of Jay-Z’s adultery controversy in the songs. This is because of the mentioning of “Plastic on the Sofa” and “Alien Superstar”, etc. she did that again on the remix of her song Flawless of the year 2015. The Grammy Award winner again poked into a funny part about adultery by mentioning some lines. 

A video was leaked on the year 2014, where Solange, Beyonce, and Jay-z were seen together. They were standing in the elevator after the Mat-Gala party. The video was an abstract of security footage that was leaked in 2014. We can observe from the video that both Solange and Jay-Z were involved in a heavy argument while Beyonce was just watching. 


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 Whom did Jay-Z have an affair with?

In Beyonce’s new album we can observe some parts where she has alluded to adultery. Renaissance’s lyrics are alluding to Jay-Z’s infidelity. The 40-year-old directly hinted at the controversy in the song “Cozy” singing to the elevator. Her lyrics were like “she is a hero, she is a deity, she has survived, she has been through”. However, she never mentioned directly talked about her rapper husband having affair with her sister Solange. She also writes about how she said please don’t make out with my sister even though she is comfy. The lyrics can directly to be said referring to the famous rapper and his relationship. 

What did Solange say after this?

Since the song was released, Twitter has now become a hub for discussion on this. Social media has now converted into a discussion platform about the affair. Many said her reference through the lyrics was for Jay-Z only. Some users wrote Solange, doesn’t care about it even if Beyonce knows about it. Some users wrote that ‘Beyonce is directly mentioning the affair Jay-Z had with Solange’, and some said ‘ Solange doesn’t care about it even though now everyone knows it.