TikTok: The new Viral: Beast Boy four meme

Credit: Twitter

TikTok goes viral every day for something or the other thing, this time it’s the Beast Boy four trend. While daily there are many new trends, challenges, and memes that go viral on TikTok, The Beast Boy Four is going more rapidly viral than any other trend.

Read to know more about Beast Boy Four’s trend

The meme this time is based on one of the characters from the famous and every child’s favorite cartoon Teen Titans. The green shapeshifter is the main character of this meme on TikTok. The trend is going viral more than any other trend which goes viral on the app, these new trends and viral are also adding up to the popularity of the app itself. 


TikTok gains a lot from these viral videos.

In the video, a boy can be seen cosplaying the cartoon character from Teen Titans. There were thousands of comments under his post and he also gained millions of views on this meme. 

What’s making the meme viral content?

The boy can be seen covered in green color from top to bottom with some random facial expressions and showing four of his fingers. The meme is apparently old and went viral a year ago as well. However, it again went viral on TikTok as a viral trend. 

User reaction to the Beast Boy Four 

The meme is indeed hilarious and has been used by TikTok users with different types of funny content. While some users find it strange to have this trend again surfacing the internet, many users are using the trend and liking it, particularly the one which has the number four in it. Many users think that the meme is boring now but the trend has made it hilariously viral again. Good for the Beast Boy Four!