‘Days of our lives’ will now be aired from NBC to Peacock.  

Days of our Lives

Courtesy of NBC

As per the recent news, the long-running show for almost six decades is now shifting its channel. The ‘Days of our lives’ show which was broadcasted on NBC soap opera is officially shifting somewhere else. It is now shifting to the NBC Universal-owned platform from September 12, 2022. The show was aired on NBC from the beginning, that is since 1965.   At present the soap opera is aired daily on NBC, on the other hand, the old episodes are present to run on Peacock. Peacock is a streaming platform that earlier had aired the spinoff of the show. The show in September 2021 was called ‘Days of our lives’ only Beyond Salem was added to the name. Its second installment of the soap opera is streamed on Peacock in the month of July. More about the ‘Days of our lives’

From the starting 12 September, the timeslots that were previously occupied by the ‘Days of our lives’, will now be debuted by another show called as ‘NBC News Daily’ this will be across NBC Stations. This hour-long show is anchored by the news team of NBC which also includes Kate Snow, Vicky Nguyen, Morgan Radford, and Aaron Gilchrist. This will be streamed simultaneously on Peacock and NBC News Now. The program is going to shift and benefit NBC and Peacock, they are reflective of their broader strategy to maximize reach and strengthen viewership. This was commented, on by Mark Lazarus who is NBC Universal’s chairman of streaming and television. 

Due to the great percentage of Days of our lives viewership already had to watch the show digitally.  This created a great fan following for the show. 

The show was transformed in 2021 for seasons 57 and 58.  The show ‘Days of our lives’ also celebrated its 55th anniversary two years back, in 2020. It reached a milestone by airing 14,000 episodes in December 2020. This the NBC’s longest runtime show. The plot of the story revolves around the Midwestern town of Salem, and the core characters of the show are Carvers, DiMares, Kiriakises, and Bradys.