After being knocked out by Mike Tyson, Julius Francis is eager for a rematch. Before 22 years

Front man: Julius Francis poses with the youthful cast of Ring Envy (David Ashdown)

After Francis knocked out a partygoer in London, he became the talk of the town.

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After 22 years, Mike Tyson and Julius Francis are willing to fight again.

After becoming famous after hitting a man who tried to incite a brawl at a London event, Julius Francis recently spoke with TMZ.

Francis admitted in the interview that he would only enter the ring if the opponent and the payout were favorable.

If there is a promoter eager to publicize a sanctioned bout, he said.

I’ve never enjoyed discussing money, but who knows if they may make a good offer, Francis continued.

Francis stated that he is frequently advised to fight Jake Paul or Logan Paul due to the enormous potential payoff. 

Francis claims they do not fall within his “category,” nevertheless. Whatever the case, only one boxer could persuade Francis to don his gloves once more. He lost to Mike Tyson in a fight in 2000, and that man is none other than him. After a video of Julius Francis hitting a man who was upsetting others went viral, Julius Francis found himself suddenly propelled back into the spotlight. 

Francis was employed as a security guard when the event happened at BOXPARK Wembley on June 12

However, once the video spread on social media, people began admiring him for his power and quickness. Additionally, he expressed his satisfaction with the public’s backing in praising the punch because the man deserved it.