Are Meghan Fox and Mgk still dating? The truth behind the rumors 

Megan Fox and Mgk still together in 2022

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Celebrities of today gather hype on the internet for many reasons, one of them is when and who they are dating, and as it appears, Meghan Fox and Mgk are currently having the attention ranging from media reporters covering the entertainment section to users of various social media platforms, they are now being dubbed as a couple by the netizens, although the two never engaged in anything that displayed that the two are together, although even though there are rumors.

Meghan Fox in Mgk in 2022

It appears that after the recent hype and the new time passed of the break up of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, it now appears that the internet has decided to give its all focus to the relationship of Meghan Fox and Mgk, the first rumors of the break up of Mgk and Meghan Fox began to circulate after an article by Gawker that detailed the events of their supposed parting of ways, fuel was added to the fire when the Instagram of Meghan fox had no pictures uploaded with her partner Mgk, which is making everyone wonder whether they are still together or not, filling the internet with rumors. Though a possible and believable reason for the sudden absence of Mgk is that he is currently on his tour of music, thus not able to make out time for his partner, this has led to rumors of the couple had split up and gone separate ways. Although this won’t be the first time that the couple had been said to have gone their separate ways, while walking down the red carpet, in a public display of affection, MGK had tried to kiss Meghan, who had simply chosen to walk away, this had also sparked rumors that the couple has split up.


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Internet users react to the rumors of Meghan Fox and Mgk breaking up 

If it is to be stated then the news of Meghan Fox and Mgk breaking up wasn’t well received by the audience and many were claiming it as false.