Is KSI Dead? What is “RIP KSI” going viral on Twitter?

KSI Dead in 2022

Credit: Matthew Baker/Getty Images

Rumors about KSI being dead is spread recently. With the hashtag Rest in Peace (RIP KSI), many of his fans assumed that KSI is no more. Many people he is no more, and they were worried and wrote their condolences for KSI. 

On social media, any news can be true or rumor. We should clarify all the news before commenting on anything. 

Social media has its own merit and demerit. It’s a platform where a single sentence can become news, and anything can become trending and viral. Rumors of stars being pregnant and some being dead. Recently the news of Tom Holland passing away also became a sensation on Twitter. 

Another one also succeeded, the new one is KSI being passed away. Another death hoax was circulated where KSI becomes the victim of this game. It occurred on 14th July 2022. 

How did the death hoax begin for KSI?

The hoax was born when the “RIP KSI” message was published during the Ishowspeed live stream. KSI and YouTube have created several histories and have always been together, it gave birth to another rumor of KSI being dead through its platform. The message was circulated on social media. However, it’s still a mystery how did “RIP KSI” was started? This RIP KSI was followed up by the live stream of IShowSpeed, where fans made it a hot topic. It became a sensation on Twitter.  

As the hoax was kept hidden, people were not aware of what is happening and fell into the scam. They believed in the tweets about KSI. However, fortunately, he is still alive and doing great. 

What happened with KSI during IShowSpeed?

Though there are no past grudges between the KSI and IShowSpeed, social media took the bait of ongoing drama.  Everything started when there was live streaming of IShowSpeed and they took this opportunity to entertain their fans. They surfed KSI’s Instagram account while giving their casual talk. This led to his private number being visible on the screen, however, the cooperation was not knowing anything about it.  


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This becomes more problematic when people or his fans started capturing his number by taking a screenshot of the same. Now the number was flooded due to which they messaged him personally. Due to this, he tweeted about the same that happened, and his fans have flooded his chat box. 


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