Dance Gavin Dance showcase their new lineup for the summer tour.


Dance Gavin


The famous band Dance Gavin Dance recently went public with the lineup of their summer tour, and we are already starting to see a lot of changes, with the list of people who will be seen live in the tour of the band this year, their fans are excited already, we have all the details about the tour that is to happen this year, so you better read along.

The summer tour of Dance Gavin Dance

This year’s tour of the band Dance Gavin Dance is titled an Evening With Friends Tour, for those of you interested in seeing your favorite performers live, the tour begins on the 26th of July and will go on for over a month and the last date for the tour will be 24th of August, the tour is scheduled for 21 days in between these dates, An evening with friends is not something you would want to miss.


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What’s unique about the summer tour of Dance Gavin Dance

An evening with friends, the summer tour of Dance Gavin Dance will cover the North American territory, the tour commences on the 26th of July in West Hollywood in California, and the tour will be going into august.

Although as mentioned earlier, there is a major change in the lineup of the Dance Gavin Dance, you won’t be able to see Tilion Pearson as he is exploring professional remedies for the allegations of misconduct that were leveled against him and Tim Frederick, who was the bassist of the music band, passed away as well, so you will only get to see the remaining members.

Tickets for the dance gavin dance summer tour

So now that you already know about the details of the summer tour of Dance Gavin Dance, you might have made up your mind to see them live, you can get your hands on the tickets for the tour from the 30th of June, the pricing and the catagories can be checked on the bands official website