Does Snozzberry Means A Return Of Willy Wonka Jokes?

Snozzberry on TikTok

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If you spend most of your screen time on tiktok, you might have noticed a surge in the trends, more like a return, you must be observing something called the Snozzberry, it signals the return of the willy Wonka Joke.

Snozzberry And His Origin In A Roald Dahl Novel

As a kid you must have heard about the children’s novel called Charlie and the chocolate factory, the cast of characters from the novel also features one called Willy Wonka, few dialogues from such novels are now trending again on tiktok and the Willy Wonka joke seems to be going viral again.

What Is The Original Willy Wonka Joke?

The word Snozzberry came from the novel when the children ask Mr Wonka about the taste of the wallpaper, he compares that to the taste if one bites into a strawberry then they would get the taste of that fruit only.


So if one goes on to taste snozzberry it would taste like one, but what is the meaning of the word Snozzberry, and that’s the exact reason for it going viral.

Meaning Of The Word Snozzberry

In one of his adult books, Dahl had used the word Snozzberry for dicks, resulting in the viral trend