Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne celebrate 40 years of marriage


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Last Sunday saw Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, Ozzy, who was the frontman of the black sabath music band back in the day, commenced his special day with a heartfelt message for his wife, he wasn’t far behind in displaying his affection as he went ahead to share a photo of their wedding day where they could be seen together

What did Sharon post on her Instagram?

Sharon took the opportunity of her 40th wedding anniversary with her husband and wrote him a special message for him, she began to recount the years she has spent with her husband, she talked about how they went through the roles of life together and found multiple things in each other since they first met when she was 18, she also went ahead and attached a photo featuring them holding hands over a fireplace while twinning in black cloths, there were fan-made compilations that showcased the couple through the various stages of life and their special moments.


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The Couple’s daughter Aimee also took to the Instagram stories to wish her parents as she shared photos of them kissing on her handle, which was later reshared by her mother.

Ozzy is to go through a major procedure

Only a few weeks passed since it was revealed to the public that Ozzy will be going through a major surgery, Sharon who made this reveal also explained the seriousness of it since it could affect the lifestyle of her husband, she would be leaving the UK for Los Angeles so she could be with her Husband during all this.


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Ozzy kept his fans in the loops through updates by social media the last one was made on the 16th of June, he told the fans that he is home and is now on the path of speedy recovery and how much he appreciates their support and their wishes that have helped him through.