Did the Game just dissed Eminem in his new song the Black Slim Shady? 

The Game’s Diss Track The Black Slim Shady

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As it appears, the new song of the rapper the Game, titled the Black Slim Shady, is an attempt to take a dig on the veteran rapper Eminem, the itself is an satirical plagiarism of an old title of Eminem which had the title Real Slim Shady, although the diss track by game is currently rapidly climbing the ranks of popularity on the internet and the supporters of both the groups are anticipating the reaction of Eminem on this diss track by the Game, titled the black Slim Shady.

The beef between Eminem and the Game

As it is the part of all music industry in most nations around the world, there are certainly ill feelings between singers which usually results in the singers engaging in making diss tracks where they would take a dig at each other in the songs, these diss wars are very engaging since it leads to increase in the engagement of all the singers involved. Back in the month of March this year, the rapper Game in a statement, said that he is a much better rapper than Eminem, not stopping there, he even went ahead to invite him for a versus battle, the last nail in the coffin was when the game published his new track the Black Slim Shady, which is diss track aimed at the rapper Eminem.

is there a response from eminem’s end 

The rapper Eminem is trying to lay low at the moment and has chosen to maintain his silence despite the repeated attempts made by the rapper Game to provoke him to give some reaction or a response to his new track the black slim shady which is about 10 minutes long and has the mentions of the rapper Eminem, his daughter and his former wife as well.