The parents of ‘Tokata Iron Eyes’ take legal action against the 29-year-old actor ‘Ezra Miller.’

Ezra Miller

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Ezra Miller again back in the headlines of the news. According to the parents of an 18-year-old girl, he has created a bad influence on their daughter.

The parents want to take legal action against the actor and want to stop their connection over and over again, as they are worried for their daughter.

Parents put blame on the actor Miller, as he was a danger to their daughter

The documents that were legally obtained by the TMZ have disclosed that Ezra Miller was 23-year-old in 2016 and apparently used to visit the Standing Rock Reservation located in North Dakota. And there, he met 12-year-old Tokata Iron Eyes for the very first time.


According to the parents the friendship and connection between both Miller and their daughter has started from there only and it was a risk to their daughter

Tokata Iron Eyes

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The Flash actor and Tokata flew for a trip in 2017 to London. At that time Miller was 25-year-old and Tokata was 14-year-old. This statement was given by her parents.

According to her parents, she is really big in the film. So they both went to London and visited their set.

As with the progress of their friendship, Miller used to supply the drugs, alcohol and LSD to their daughter, knowing that she is still underage.

Her parents mentioned in a statement that Miller’s bad influence caused disturbance in her studies too. She left her schooling in December 2021, as she was a student of a private institute in Massachusetts.

Miller is being dragged to court for determining  Tokata as ‘Non-binary Transgender” 

Tokata’s parents visited her and found out the bruises on her body and blamed Miller for all this.

They reported that Miller and their daughter reunited in New York City and she flew there to meet Ezra Miller. Although both traveled to Hawaii, Vermont and Los Angeles after the reunion.

The parents given an statement and told that, Ezra Miller has determined the girl as a ‘non-binary transgender.’

In a recent social media post, Tokata admitted that she is alright and fine and reveal that Ezra Miller was like a ‘ companion’ for her . And she is taking therapy.

Her parents are still asking the jury to issue a protective order against the actor.