Is ‘Saturday Night Live’ coming to end after season 50? Kenan Thompson leaving the show?

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Who is not aware of Kenan Thompson? Thompson has been one of the cast members of the NBC iconic comedy show. The show is here since 2003. He said rounding off the show in the 50th season is a great idea. 

Why is Kenan Thompson leaving the show?

Kenan Thomson has been the host of the “Saturday Night Live” show for decades. He in a roundabout manner said that Producer Lorne Michaels may also leave the program or give a thought about it. This astonishing remark was provided by Kenan Thompson, who for two decades has been a part of the program. He revealed it during the podcast interview with Charlamagne. He is the God called ‘Hell of a week’.

As per our report from someone insider, the show is believed to end with its 50th season. The show may go off-air permanently after its 50th season. The reason behind it is said that Kenan Thompson refused to host after the age of 80. 


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Is NCB reducing the show’s budget?

Kenan Thompson has been a part of the legendary show Saturday Night Live all his life. Though there was an exception of 5 years in between the 1980s where he was not a part of it. Thompson added to the podcast stating that 50 is a great age to stop any serial. During the podcast when someone questioned whether he is going to leave the show? To which he gave a reply that, this is a rumor right? He should start working on it he believes. Thompson said the rumors do carry weight and merit in it. He also said that it will be a fantastic gift he can receive as he is going to be 80 years old by the time the show will have its 50th season. The whole show we can run successfully because he has a great influence on everyone. 

If we believe that another person is going to come as a substitute, then it is quite impossible. As no one can replace this essence that Kenan has for his audience. This is a perfect chance for NBC to save the money that they put in such a kind of show. If NBC reduces its budget, then no other such iconic show can be produced.