Actor tom holland to take a break from social media in an attempt to focus on mental health

Tom Holland Taking A Break From Social Media

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It appears that the spiderman star tom holland has decided to take a pause from his activities on any and all types of platforms of social media where he has maintained his presence, he claims that his mental had been going downward in a spiral for a while since he felt he was getting influenced by the actions of trolls to the point it was harming his mental sanity, he posted a video on his official handle on the platform of Instagram that he would not be as active as he was while maintaining his presence in the social media spaces, although he made it clear before hand that he is still not sure how long his break from the social media platforms will last but he told his fans that this is the best course of action as to stop the further decline in his health, rarely it happens that a popular celebrity takes the trouble of managing their own account, which is job best left to the agencies meant for social media management, although it is said that few posts from the official handle of Tom Holland on the platform of Instagram were done by him. The actor from uncharted is also at the helm of a chartiable organization called the brother’s trust, which uses an application called sem4, to help troubled teens who are seeking help but are not getting any of it, Tom Holland has made a considerable contribution to the organization as he had shared his own problems as well, he has been appreciated for his honesty about his mental health all around.


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Tom Holland takes a break from social media

The decision to quit social media platforms for a while came to Tom Holland when he realized how much he was being affected by the activities of trolls to an extent that he could feel his mental health was getting damaged.