Marvel’s midnight suns release date confirmed 


It’s a good time to be a marvel fan and a video game enthusiast since the new and beautiful looking video game Marvel’s Midnight suns is going to drop very soon, new role playing game is set to be released on this year and fans can’t help but wait and obsess over the game featuring their favorite marvel characters.

Dates announced for marvel’s midnight suns 

Marvel’s Midnight suns suffered a lot of snags and had been given a lot of release dates, but some issues forced the company to keep postponing, which included technical improvements, bug fixes, etc.

At first the game marvel’s midnight suns was all slated to be released in the month of march, but the team needed time to fix the problems that we mentioned above, so the release date for the game was pushed back even further, if you are interested in knowing the exact date for the game, the it is the 7th of October of this year, the release date for the switch version of the game doesn’t have a release date as of now.


On which platforms is Marvel’s midnight sun releasing?

Now that you already know the release date for marvel’s midnight suns, you might as well start working to get your hands on the consoles it will be available for, the game from 2k publishers will be available for owners of PS5, PS4, Xbox Series XS and the Xbox one console. PC users can grab their copies of marvel Midnight sons from websites of Steam and Epic games store.

Marvel Midnight sons gameplay

The game looks very beautiful and has a wide range of marvel Characters to choose from, which totals 12, you’ll get to play as your loved marvel superheroes like Captain America, Iron man, Dr Strange, including other fan favorites like wolverine, blade and among others.