Middle Classy: Cristela Alonzo new film on netflix

middle clasy


A comedian from the United States of America, Cristela Alonzo is all set to return on Netflix with a sequel to her previous film called Lower Classy, this sequel is titled as Middle Classy and will feature Alonzo in the lead role once again, so if you are a fan of the comedian and her film, then get all the updates here.

Release date for Cristela Alonzo’s Middle Classy

After the audience had given a warm response and a welcoming reception to her previous film that was Lower Classy, which released in the year 2017, Cristela Alonzo is all set to return with the sequel to the film, with the title being Middle Classy, the film will hit the streaming service on the 28th of this month.

If you are interested in knowing what you will see in the upcoming film of Alonzo, we’ve got you covered, all Alonzo herself spoke about it in multiple interviews.



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What to expect in the film Middle Classy

We would get to see Cristela Alonzo talk about her personal life where we might get an insight about the part where she and her family struggled to make ends meet and were in extreme poverty, she may also talk about her reaction to aging and her seeing a gynecologist, she will also open up about her being a comedian has taken her to another whole new level.


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More Details on Cristela Alonzo: Middle classy

Being in spirit with the comedian, it will maintain the comic theme and will also have Cristela Alonzo come out in public, as she addresses herself as them, parts of her life like learning English, the pandemic, and her birthdays will also have a fair share of screen time.

You’ll also get to see how the styles of the two films are different.