Why did Amber Heard sever ties with her publicist before taking the stand?

Amber Heard

‘Changing teams in the middle of a trial like this because you don’t like the headlines is crazy,’ said Lis Smith, the former campaign manager for Pete Buttigieg. Amber Heard reportedly dismissed her publicist and recruited a new one just days before her court appearance, citing unhappiness with the coverage of her much-discussed trial. Amber Heard cut ways with crisis PR firm Precision Strategies last week, expressing displeasure with the trial’s coverage.

Why did Amber Heard fire her publicist?

Amber Heard

According to the New York Post, “she doesn’t enjoy bad headlines.” According to another insider, the 36-year-old ‘Aquaman’ actress is “frustrated with her story not being told right.” This rapid PR turnaround occurred after several days of testimony by Johnny Depp, which turned hundreds of social media users against Amber Heard. Depp’s former business managers said that the actor was obliged to see a psychologist for his $2 million-per-month “compulsive spending” habit, and Amber Heard’s new PR firm, directed by CEO David Shane, has already worked against him, publicising claims made by Depp’s former business managers.


Lis Smith had something to say regarding Amber Heard’s decision.

On the other hand, ex-Pete Buttigieg campaign manager Lis Smith had this to say about Amber Heard’s decision. He said that Changing teams in the middle of a trial is ridiculous only because of the headlines are not on you. Precision Strategies, her previous public relations firm, was rated by her as “one of the top crisis firms.” “They won’t be able to alter history’s direction.” The defunct public relations firm was co-founded by Stephanie Cutter, an ex-Obama staffer and deputy campaign manager. Malcolm Connolly, Johnny Depp’s bodyguard, commented on latest developments in the case. As his marriage to Amber Heard deteriorated, he noticed scrapes and marks on the actor’s face. On Thursday, April 28, Connolly testified in the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, telling the court that he saw Depp go from “happy in love” to “quiet” as Amber Heard grew more “dominant” and “demanding.”