Taylor swift sighted without a ring with Joe Alwyn after rumors of an engagement

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Credit: Page Six

During a recent sighting of Taylor swift with her supposed fiance Joe Alwyn, the singer was seen without her ring despite the ripe rumors that she is engaged now.

Where were Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn saw together?

 The 32-year-old singer who changed her genre from country to pop and the 31-year-old actor from Britain were photographed together as they were walking in London on the previous Thursday, this was their first time being seen together in public after a report from the Sun claimed that a few months have passed since the two engaged.

The couple, infamous for their attempts to keep their relationship away from the public eye, had been attired in a way that was all set to combat the heat of the summer season, the couple can be seen sporting shorts and baseball caps, fully complemented by dark sunglasses and sneakers, although what’s worth noticing is what was missing, Taylor Swift who was supposed to be engaged already.

The look what you made me do Singer could be seen in a lose light blue shirt which she chose to layer with a gray tank top inside, while Joe, who had starred in the show favorite was seen sporting a simple white T shirt as they could be seen walking in a cafe and enjoy some iced coffees.

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Credit: Page SIx

Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn really engaged? 

As per the claims made by the Sun, Taylor Swift only wears the rings on very few occasions and that too discreetly, one of the friends of the couple, while requesting to remain nameless, said that the couple has only shared about the news of their engagement to their inner circle of family and friends and are trying to avoid the attention of the media and the public 

The couple has first met during the Met Gala of the year 2016, the revelation of the fact that they were romantically together were made in the month of May this year.

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