Polo G fulminated after he was arrested in Miami, in 2021.

Polo G

Polo G fulminated after he was arrested in Miami, in 2021.

The Miami officials last year aired the video of Polo G being detained. Polo G is a Chicago- wrapper and is highly praised by the public and music lovers. He was detained under battery charges by a police officer. He was also booked under criminal violence and mischief while resisting.

All about Polo G’s arrest in 2021

If you are an unaware audience, Polo G was detained in June 2021.  The incident happened after the release of his studio album, The Goat. It was his second studio album, but it was later released. He was set free when he completed his anger-management classes. The new video which is trending gives justice to his detention. The Rapstar whose real name is Taurus Bartlett is again shown in furious behavior.

The video portrays a segment where a cop was seen inside a police cruiser using a computer. After that Bartlett was seen shouting or yelling in the background. The Rapstar has earlier given a comment that he in childhood aspired to be a police officer.

The Police Officer was unvexed and composed. He was least bothered about the singer and continued working. The duo was further seen discussing the actual scenario of the police officer being martyred due to which his kids were fatherless.

In the coming segments of the video, the singer was seen getting medical aid as he requests his case. The singer accused the police officers that he was forced to ‘knockout’ during his arrest.

For the defense of the police officers, the cop said that they faced very aggressive behavior from the singer during the arrest.

What was the take of the singer?

The Singer, Bartlett’s mother, and his manager, Stacia explained the side of the singer which was hidden. His mother claimed that the singer was racially discriminated against during the arrest or the procedure.

With respect to the reports from NBC Miami, the singer was set-free after few hours after being on bond. The bond was from the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after the arrest.

How did Polo G become popular?

The singer, Polo G gained popularity after the release of Finger Things in 2018 and Pop-Out at the beginning of 2019.  His first debut was made after the release of Die a Legend, in 2019.  He also released a few more albums after that like The Goat and The Hall of Fame.



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