Kim Kardashian to patch up with Kayne West after split with Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian back with Kanye West after her split from Pete Davidson

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In recent news, it appears now that the American socialite Kim Kardashian and comedian pete Davidson Have decided to go their separate ways after they decided to break up and end their romance which had a lifetime of about 9 months.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have broken up 

For the past few weeks, the rumors of the American socialite Kim Kardashian and comedian pete Davidson are spreading according on the internet like wildfire, according to the news that is running rounds of the Web and multiple social media platforms, it appears that the couple have decided to split up and go their own separate ways, if the claims made by the sources are correct, then it is assumed that the reason for the break up of the couple is their inability to give time to each other, Pete Davidson had been in a long time relationship with Kim Kardashian for about nine months, meanwhile Pete had been engaged in the production of his upcoming film Wizards, which is being shot in Australia, while Kim was at her residence in Los Angeles, both of them had hectic and tiring schedules and were not able to make out time for each other and maintain the relationship, this apparently led to the decision of them splitting up, although they still have a lot of love and respect for each other, their differing goals can also be stated as one of the possible reasons why they chose to go separate ways, Kim has to spend her time focusing on the parenting of the kids while pete wants time and attention at the moment.


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Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Dating again?

With Pete Davidson now splitting up with Kim Kardashian, many fans are speculating that Kim may go back with her former partner Kanye West, however these are mere speculations of the fans and in truth, the patch between them wont happen as both of them wish to proceed with the divorce and are doing a fine job as co parents for their children.