The judges deny the mistrial claim of Amber Heard with Johnny Depp. 


Credit: AP

The judge denies Amber Heard’s plea for a mistrial in the Johnny Depp case. Amber Heard claimed a defamation case against Johnny Depp in the month of May. 

Amber Heard’s fraud claim was dismissed

The honorable judge Penney S. gave his judgment that there was no evidence to give light to Amber Heard’s claim of a mistrial. Last week, Amber’s legal team contended that the junior on the liberal trial was not the same who was present for jury duty. The judge, Penney, who conducted over highlighted more than a month-long case of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp gave his judgment. He mentioned that nothing was a fraud, and everything proceeded according to the terms and rules of law.  He further said that all the juniors presented followed their court’s orders and took the oath. The court must follow the judgment of the jury. 

He slammed Amber Heard’s claim by stating that the trial was conducted in a loopless and fair way. The jury said they had properly investigated both parties. Adding more Justice Penney said there is no space for fraud or any misconduct in the trial. 

Hence, in the end, stated what Amber Heard gave was a false and baseless claim.  

Why did Amber Heard request a mistrial?

At the end of June, Heard’s legal team gave a plea for retrial on the terms that Junior, who presented at the Legal trial was not the same as who was summoned to the jury panel.  They claimed that an approximately 50-year-old man was present on the jury instead of a 77-year-old man who was supposed to be present. 

The team also mentioned that Amber was not provided with the proper process and thus she claimed to have a new or fresh investigation regarding the same. 

Judge slams Amber Heard’s


What were Depp’s and his team’s reactions?

The team described Amber as an actress who is of 36 years and claims of baseless things. Also, the team added that Amber already had quality time to raise the issue before but she didn’t. She could have asked earlier, which she is raising now. 

They further said that Amber chose to keep silent when the procedure was ongoing. The time was of 6 weeks which is surely not short spam of time. 

On the other hand, Amber also said that the amount of ten million is also ‘huge’ for a defamation case. Also, that the actress is not financially strong to pay the excessive amount of 10 million bucks.