HBO Max and Discovery Plus to now merge? What’s the truth behind the news

HBO Max and Discovery Plus

Recently the Internet is flooded with the news that now HBO max will be merged with Discovery plus, the two streaming platforms have been very special and popular in their own right, with HBO max having the content of shows from the HBO studio, its also the place where you can find the Warner Bros and all the flicks based on the characters of the DC comics, recently there has been a change in the leadership of the company and the new owner who is now at the helm of affairs has decided to roll out a new long term plan to for the company and all its related services and products, the list also includes Warner Bros, TNT, CNN, etc.

When is HBO Max going to be merged with Discovery Plus?

If the claims made in the reports of our sources are correct, then by the summer of 2023, the platforms of Discovery plus will begin the merging process with HBO max under the direction and supervision right from the top board of executives from Warner Bros, this will result in the creation of one gigantic streaming platform which will have a large variety of content, including reality TV, lifestyle shows, movies, web series, you name it, you can find that on the platform, this combined means the sharing of the viewers, if the statistics provided to us are correct, then both HBO max and Discovery plus will have a combined subscriber base of 92 million, although it would be worth noting that most of this is thanks to HBO max  

Why is the merger of HBO max and Discovery Plus happening?

After the leadership changed hands at the Warner Bros company, the new CEO David Zaslav who is now at the helm of affairs of the company plans to merge the platforms to create a large service, it is also an effort to cut costs, though we are guessing that it will be the first of many since to save money, the company cancelled two of its movies.