After 7 days after a car crash, Anne Heche passed away. 

Anne Heche in 2000.

Photograph: Graham Whitby-Boot/Sportsphoto/Allstar

Anne Heche, 53 year-old-star, part of films like Catfight, Remake of Psycho, Donnie Brasco, and many more. Unfortunately, she did not regain her state of consciousness after the tragic incident. She had a tragic car crash on 5 August.  

How did the news come out?

The US-based star lost her breath a week after her car accident. She was severely injured because of the crash. The news was validated by the representative of her family. They said in the interview that they have lost their sun, the most amazing mother, friend, and kind human.  Though Anne will be missed a lot, she will definitely be alive in her sons and through the iconic work, she has given to the industry. She has always been bold enough to fight for justice and also spreads the message of love, which will leave a never-ending impact. 

What was the reason behind the death?

Heche, the family representative of Anne confirmed the news on Friday afternoon that she died as she was brain dead. Earlier, it was announced that Heche today would have her life support removed. We got to know that the heartbeat was kept in a hope that there can be appropriate organ donation. Heche’s eldest son, on Friday evening called ‘Homer’ who is 20 years old released a statement. 

The statement was of him and his brother, 13-year-old Atlas.  The statement said Atlas and I have lost our mother. Thai happened after almost a week of roller coaster rides of emotions, we are left with sourness in our hearts. Though his mother is left for good as she is free from all the pain and started to explore we can call her external liberty. He further said that he is grateful for all the condolences he and his family have received. I am here to show my support for my Dad, stepmom Alexi, and Coley who were there with me all the time. He further ended by saying, Rest in peace mother, he loves her. 

One of the 53year old’s friends, Nancy Davis commented on Instagram and said, Now heaven has got a new angel, her loving, cheerful, and beautiful friend. Now Anne has gone up to heaven. She said Anne is the purest and most thoughtful human being has known. Also, she has helped me to know the best in her. Her heart is devastated.