Khia got backlashes for ranting about ‘Devil-Worshipping Music’, Beyonce’s new album 

devil-worshipping music

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On August 4, 2022, the famous rapper Khia condemned Beyonce’s recent album. Khia criticized the album, Renaissance through her long video outburst. The video was first shared through Twitter handle ‘itsKenBarbie’, in the video, we can clearly observe that an American who is 45 years old was arraigning the rapper’s discography. She said that Beyonce is trying to have a spell on everyone which also including the children through her worn-out CD. she said that the singer has plenty of gestures, contributors, and partnerships available why did you still decide to come up with the devil’s music? However, the video is still present online. The video is also available on various Twitter handles though the first one who posted it deleted the video after some time.  

Why does Khia bring up a controversial topic?

Khia continued her diatribe by stating that the album’s all the hype and success can also be stated as a failure. The singer also brought up some hidden controversial topics. It includes the topic of Keli’s song’s stolen sample from ‘milkshake’. The rapper condemned and talked about how the rapper incorporated this in her latest song called ‘Energy’. When we speak about the song ‘America has a problem, which also includes the sample of 1990s song, Kilo Ali Cocaine (which can be said America has a problem). She furthermore, also blamed the Break My Soul singer of stealing one of the samples from the latter. 

Furthermore, it said that cunning Creole has victimised by the old. This happened after it was found that she sampled on the record. Without her approval they have stolen from her, Kelis was observed to be on the streets hot and sweaty. However, this doesn’t shock the people or came as a surprise. After few days of release of Beyonce’s new album thai has already triggered a huge debate among the user. The debate was on multiple subjects, which also includes ableist slurs and why so many writers are required to write a single song. 


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 Dirty Down Records produced the song 

The song was produced by the company named Dirty Down Records and was written in Flora. Also stations who helped in gaining popularity of the song were radio stations in St. Louis, Alabama, Kansas City and Georgia and Club DJs. however, the song was afterwords accepted by Artemis Records, thsi helped in making a hit among the nation.