What is the ‘Angel shot’ on TikTok? Explained 


TikTok: ‘Angel Shot’ Trend

Credit: TikTok

On social media, there are plenty of trends that come and go. A new trend is created that goes for weeks or sometimes months too. Another trend is created on ‘TikTok’ that is called ‘Angel Shot’. This trend is going viral nowadays. If you are a tik tok user then you might have seen the trend or something near it. The trend called ‘Angel Shot’ is making everyone mesmerized, because of the idea behind it. 

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The new ‘Angel Shot’ trend 

TikTok is having multiple trends daily and one of them is ‘Angel Shot’. We mostly see hilarious and amusing trends online. We can also observe some different glitches that create a sensation. This new trend called ‘Angel Shot’ is one of its kind, as you develop your connection with bars. The place is sensational as we meet different people and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. 


Though there are multiple instances where one is not having a secure feeling in the bar during certain circumstances. At this point we will use the new trend called ‘Angel Shot’. If you are assuming so far that it is a kind of drink that you will drink then it is not true. It is a word with which you can find yourself safe and sound in an unsafe situation. 

What is special behind the ‘Angel Shot’ trend?

The reason why ‘Angel Shot’ is used too much is that according to Budget Branders, they said if in any circumstance a client requests an angel shot, this has a hideous meaning behind it. The discreet meaning is that the person is not feeling secure in the bar. It depends on which staff of the bar will be asked to recruit the patron securely and safely from the place. Another situation that can happen is that the staff can ask the other patron who is making the first one unsafe to leave the bar.  

The reason is quite obvious why it is trending nowadays. The reason behind it is that this can be a great signal to let the people or staff members know that they are not feeling secure with another person. This trend with the hashtag Angel shot has itself got more than 13 million views on it. 

People/Users love thai new trend as after ‘metoo movement’ new trend is born to make girls feel safe and secure.