Logan Paul Talks About How His Relation With Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson 

After getting highlighted for his bouts of boxing against the likes of KSI and Mayweather, Logan Paul became quite a sensation, recently he revealed how his relationship with his idol Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson came to an end due to his grave mistake, he talked about how the former WWE star had been a hero for him, and he went into detail to describe how the relationship ended on a podcast he recently featured in.

Logan Paul’s Appearance At The True Geordie Podcast

Youtuber and now upcoming boxing sensation Logan Paul had always looked up to and viewed the former wrestler and now cinema sensation the Rock as his hero, it is also noteworthy that Dwayne and Logan had some pictures and videos together, however this was short lived as Logan describes, how it came to an end because of an error he made during his trip to Japan.


How The Relationship Came To End For Logan Paul And Dwayne The Rock Johnson

This much valued relationship came to end for Paul due to what he calls his grave error which he committed on his 2017 trip to Japan, Logan and his group had gone to the base of Mount Fuji, the forest there is infamous for being a suicide spot, thus being called as the suicide forest, Paul had a found a corpse who was recently deceased, Paul then went ahead to record the whole thing and notify the authorities, he uploaded the video on the channel, the video quickly gathered a lot of views and went viral, he was criticized for this behavior and there were petitions being signed for YouTube to delete his channel, Paul quickly removed the controversial video from his channel and issued a written and a video format apology.


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Although the damage was done, Paul got a call from the PR executive of Rock who informed the youtuber that he former WWE star did not wish to do anything with him from now.

The Rock’s Reaction To Logan Paul’s Revelation

The Rock has chosen to not react and maintain his silence over the podcast by Logan Paul