Nba Star Montrezl Harrell Book For Felony, 1.5 Kgs Of Marijuana Found On Him 

Montrezl Harrell

Photo by Eakin Howard/Getty Images

NBA star Montrezl Harrell was on his way from Lexington in his Honda Pilot Rental when he was pulled over by the Kentucky State Trooper Jesse Owens on I-75 highway for coming too close to the vehicle in the front, this incident took place on 12th May.

When the trooper smelt marijuana on him in the car, he got suspicious and after a brief while, the NBA player admitted that he had some of the drugs with him.

After a short search, 3 pouches of drugs was found in the car.

Although marijuana is legal in as many as 19 states, Kentucky is not on the list, for now Harrell is put into class D felony which is for first time offenders, if convicted, Harrell could be sent behind bars for at least five years also be charged be with a fine of 1k  to 10000$

Montrezl Harrell

Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

Who Is Montrezl?

Harrell had been a known NBA player since his days at the University of Louisiana, his career in the NBA lasted for seven seasons and has played various seasons for multiple teams, his career began in 2015 with Houston Rockets and then went on with Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers, went on to Washington Wizards and most recently with Charlotte Hornets.