Fans Reaction on Twitter to aespa’s live vocals performances at Coachella 2022

Fans Reaction on Twitter to aespa's live vocals performances at Coachella 2022

aespa CREDIT: SM Entertainment

The lady duo aespa surprised the Coachella 2022 crowd on April 23 with thrilling performances. The group’s most hit tracks are Black Mamba, SAVAGE, and Next Level. The band even performed an unreleased song called “Life’s Too Short” as a pre-release of their future album. The song alludes to the group’s imminent reunion, which will change the Korean music business. The live singing of the four-member girl ensemble received a lot of attention on the internet. The lady trio “conquered Coachella” with their talent, according to fans, who praised the concept films and stage aesthetics.

At Coachella 2022, fans react to aespa’s live singing performances.

Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning made their Coachella 2022 debut on April 23. aespa has done a lot for a one-and-a-half-year-old K-pop group. The trio demonstrated their vocal talents by shouting out high notes while dancing to their set list. Four girls dressed as fashionist as took the stage. The stage began with a presentation of the group’s members as well as their AI counterparts. The group’s debut single, aenergy, was followed by Black Mamba, Next Level, SAVAGE, and, lastly, Life’s Too Short, a new song. The crowd’s delight for the band’s performance was recorded in a series of fancams shared on Twitter. The audience erupted in cheers for the SAVAGE girl trio, with some even joining in on fan screams and singing along with the songs.