What is “Pink Sauce Lady”? Who is Chef Pii? Why did it receive a backlash? 

pink sauce

Credit: TikTok

If you are a social media freak, then you must be aware of all the trends and gossip going on. Then you might know the new trending “Pink Sauce Lady”. This is a new trend from last week and it might be in your feed. You might think to get away from it but it’s very difficult to do so. The Pink Sauce Lady crisis has been taken care of by Chef Carly Pii, the lady is taking this very personally. This is because it is true.

The Pink Sauce Lady is now facing lots of criticism after she went viral. 

This happened after her $20 Pink Sauce created a buzz on TikTok. However, the thing is now already run out. The thing has already been hyped a lot now it needs to settle down. We must stop being so pessimistic the chef said. She gave this comment in the video she uploaded on Thursday. It was a YouTube video for 52 minutes.


She further said she is going to separate herself from all the negativities. She will not anyone snatch her mental peace and sanity. She will stay from the negativity.

The beginners level problems were occurring during the product debut. Along with that product’s vitality had made it terrible. The Pink Sauce Lady on July 1st, 2022, Chef Pii insisted that she has already provided this to personal clientele, which went on sale for $20 per bottle.  Earlier it was a promotional item. The famous chef Pii informed, that she has been using it and providing it to her clients for almost a year and no one had ever gotten sick from it. The chef informed to Washington Post.


What did the supporters comment on the issue?

However, not everyone criticized it. They remain steadfast, also those who are using TikTok have given tons of backlash and questions about the product. If you are unaware of the topic, then this article covers everything. Private Cheg Pii has been cooking for more than 4 years. She has recently come into controversy due to her product. 

Chef PiiPink Sauce Lady’s views on the videos

Chef Pii is not her real name it is a pet name given by her to maintain privacy. She is a 29-year-old lady, who on average has one million views on her videos. Recently, she had more than 4 million likes on her post.