TikTok Dr. Doe’s chemistry quiz: Challenge explained

TikTok Dr. Doe’s chemistry quiz

Credit: TikTok

There are plenty of challenges on TikTok that are created on daily basis. Another one is creating a buzz called ‘Dr. Doe’s Chemistry quiz’ which has anthropomorphic deer in it. However, several quizzes have gone trending. Although this quiz is slightly different from others and thus it made a lot of users disrelish it too. Read the article to know. 

What is Dr.Doe’s chemistry quiz? Anthropomorphic deer challenge explained. 

TikTok’s trending “Dr. Doe’s chemistry quiz” task for its users.

If you are using TikTok for a long time then you might be aware of multiple types of quizzes on its platform. A few of them are character-based quizzes and a few of them are intriguing quizzes on TikTok. Although, this Dr.Doe’s chemistry quiz can be said something different from the usual ones. In this quiz as understood by the name, you receive questions related to chemistry. Another feature that makes this quiz more amusing is that you also get to see the anthropomorphic deer, who plays the role of the teacher. 

The teacher goes on in the challenge and asks 10 chemistry-related questions. Each time when there is one correct answer, the anthropomorphic deer removes his one clothing. Thus making multiple people object to it now. 

How did the users react to Dr. Doe’s Challenge?

Although, to answer all the questions in Dr. Doe is quite amusing. The cherry on the cake is its method of removing one piece of his attire. This happens when there is a correct answer given by the user and this is the treat for them. People are having objections because of this. According to the users, this whole scenario of removing clothes is promoting indecency and vulgarity through its content. Also, young users are also actively engaging more in this quiz due to the content. Due to this some inappropriate part of the challenge is removed or dismissed from it. 


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How do report the indecent content?

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