Are Cardi B and BTS going to collab for a song?

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Recently, we got another single from the singer Cardi B titled hot shit, and she recently held a question and answer round on her social, and the singer made a lot of revelations through her stories, she also went public about her love for the Korean band BTS and how she has been associated with the ARMY, that is the BTS fanbase, we also got to know that her favorite is Jimin since one of the fans asked this.

He told in an interview last year that how she is a massive fan of the band BTS and has a bias for Jimin, a bias in the reference of a BTS fandom is the one member a fan particularly loves

It won’t be a very far guess to say that Cardi B and Jimin might collab in the future

Cardi’s appreciation for BTS

A possible collab between the BTS and cardi B seems a perfect marriage of talents and an exciting news for the fans of both, she has revealed her bias for Jimin, and ever since her first encounter with the band, she has constantly tried to associate with the band and thier meanings of the songs though without much success.


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Possible Collab with BTS

The American singer went on to talk about how much she appreciates the content created by the BTS and how her young girl is a fan too, how she tries to translate the songs to get full enjoyment, she tells how their songs take a look at the different culture and how she wants record with them and return the favour.

Though secduling issues are creating a problem since Cardi B is unable to match her time table with that of the BTS.