Who is Kevin Mejia? The boyfriend of Mads lewis

Meet Kevin Mejia


In recent news, the TikToker mad lewis posted a photo on her social media handles where she could be seen with her boyfriend Kevin Mejia enjoying to the fullest on a vacation, this is even more exciting for the fans since everybody was caught unaware about her relationship status.

She gathered a lot of attention when she had broken up with Jaden Hoosier, but it appears she has moved on to a new partner and found a good one in Kevin.

Who is Kevin

Kevin Mejia is a 26-year-old fitness expert, he was employed as the head trainer at the film Dog Pound, and he is also in involved in managing multiple social media accounts and is known to post his works there. He is a well-known name in the fitness industry and routinely shares his fitness tips, he has been associated with big names like Justin and Hailey Bieber, and Adam Levine among others.


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 Exploring mads lewis posts

While the tiktok star had maintained a low profile about her relationship on the social media, she went ahead and shared pictures with kevin, we could see her lifting Mads, with his back facing the camera and his face hidden, she also mentioned him in his stories with their pics together. Kevin also made a move to repost the stories of Lewis.

Mad Lewis and Jaden Hossier relationship

If the Internet accusations are to believed, Jaden had cheated on Lewis and had moved on to the singer Nessa Barrett