Fan gets into a tussle with Cardi B at Wireless festival

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Photo by Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Last weekend, Cardi B was seen performing at the wireless festival, although she got the media attention for all the wrong reasons, the atmosphere got all heated up when he chose to share the stage with another rapper Megan Thee Stallion they performed the song “WAP.”

A native from New York City had attempted to move a bit closer to the stage to have a better look at the performers, then Cardi B could be seen in engaging what was termed as a fight with someone from the audience, the video also played on the screens of the grand music festival, the singer could be seen frantically moving her arms, however, the 29-year-old singer clarified that there was no fight at the wireless music festival.

How did cardi b respond to the controversy?  

Cardi B who is an active user of the social media platform Twitter decided to tell the public her own narrative, she simply put out a short tweet that said, ‘don’t believe everything you see.’ She said this in response to the video that is circulating on the internet that featured the highlighted performance at the wireless festival.


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As other videos of the incident surfaced online, it appears that Cardi B had been inappropriately touched, someone had grabbed her by the hair and she had as a reflexive action, swung her mic in the direction, she clarified as she posted multiple videos shared by her other fans about the incident.

Cardi B’s fans side with her

The fans were really angry at how the narrative was changed, they said how it was an incident where a woman was touched wrongly yet no one was actually trying to listen to her side of the story, many went ahead to say that they love Cardi B very much and wont stay calm till they’ve got justice for Cardi B.