Who Was Bradley Cooper Dating Before Huma Abedin?


Credit: Yahoo

As it appears, Bradley Cooper is a sly man, he has not one, but two of his past romances under wraps and has managed to avoid all kinds of the public eye and media attention, recently we brought to you the news of Bradley Cooper dating the long time aide to Hilary Clinton, Huma Abedin, but who had held interest before Huma? Who was he dating before he was with the political advisor Abedin? Now if you are a Bradley Cooper fan and want to know more about his romance, don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered.

Bradley Cooper Was Dating This Actress From The Glee

You’ll be surprised to know that Bradley Cooper had been dating former Glee starring Dianna Agron, although it is worth noting that at the time Bradley Cooper had started seeing Huma Abedin, his affair with Dianna Agron wasn’t over, as an insider shared the news, he claimed that whatever was going on between Dianna and Bradley was a very casual affair. Dianna had just reentered the dating game after she broke her marriage with the guitarist Winston Marshall from the Mumford and Sons in the month of August of the year 2020.

Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin share a lot of traits, one of them being a single parent, Bradley Cooper has a daughter who is five years old, Lea who he had father during his relationship with the model Irina Shayk and Huma Abedin also has a ten-year-old son called Jordan from her marriage with former congressman Anthony Wiener.

As of what we know already, Huma Abedin and Bradley Cooper were set up together by their common friend, editor in chief of the magazine Vogue, Wintour, the couple is, at the moment, trying to keep things quiet and avoiding attention from the media.