Minecraft Youtuber TechnoBlade passes away after his struggle with Cancer

Technoblade Minecraft YouTuber

Screengrab via Technoblade

Well-known YouTuber techno blade who had been famous for his Minecraft videos all around  the globe recently passed away after he lost his battle against cancer, his demise has left an empty space in the minds and hearts of his fans, so let’s take a moment to remember him on this sad day for his fans and the youtube Minecraft community.,

Who was TechnoBlade?

Technoblade began his youtube career in the year 2013 when he published his first video on the platform, he had been streaming his Minecraft play sessions, and he had a massive following of 10 million subscribers, although lately his health wasn’t allowing him to post much and today we got this sad news about him.

What did techno blade have to say to his fans 

While techno blade did mention his ailment to his fans somewhere around last year, he had been hoping he will survive the struggle against Cancer, he was unfortunately wrong, his father said that how he was the son he asked for.

Technoblade before departing did mention that the life of techno blade was the best life ever for him and he would always want to repeat it.

Fans and family alike have been mourning his loss