Are Olivia Rodrigo And Zack Bia Together? Read More To Find Out


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Considering Olivia Rodrigo’s dating history, she has been with men like Joshua Bassett, Vincent Hacker and Adam Faze and Ethan Wacker, now she seems to have caught someone new for her hots, Zack Bia appears to be the new partner of Olivia Rodrigo.

Olivia had been in the trend after the Netizens had displayed their disappointment about her dating a much older man.

Who Is Zack Bia, The Alleged New Partner Of Olivia Rodrigo? 

Zack Bia is a musician hailing from New York and grew up in Los Angeles, he is said to have attended the USC for college and is known to have began his career as a DJ at a nightclub, he is said to have friends among the who’s who of the Hollywood with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Drake, he is also said to have been engaged in a romantic relationship with Maddison Beer previously.


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Zack And Olivia Appear To Be Involved Together Since The Previous Super Bowl.

It is suspected that the former DJ and the sour singer have been seeing each other romantically since the Super Bowl, it is note worthy that Olivia had been previously involved with Adam Faze with whom her relationship ended this year, she has also been into relationships with Joshua Bassett, Vincent Hacker and Ethan Wacker. Although neither Zack nor Olivia have moved ahead to publicly announce their relationship.

Zack does not come from a humble beginning although he likes to claim otherwise, he boasts a following of roughly around 550k followers on the Instagram with pictures posted with the likes of Drake, Doja Cat, Winnie Harlow and Dominic Fike, suggesting his good connections, the sparks of rumours of Zack and Olivia dating are as recent as April of this year, previously, Zack had a on again off again relationship with the singer Madisson Beer which came to a permanent end in 2019.