Machine gun Kelly reacts to the individual who tried to vandalise his bus

machine gun kelly

Credit: Getty Images

On Thursday that went by, that was the 4th of august, Machine gun Kelly finally reacted to the attempted vandalization of his travel and tour bus, someone had apparently, used spray paints, written slurs, and abuses that were homophobic in nature, to this machine gun Kelly responded that it was so very stupid on the part of the criminal to vandalize the wrong bus, he labeled the criminal as a moron for not being able to pull off the simple crime and picked out the wrong bus, all this, the rapper wrote on a post on his official account on the platform of Instagram.

What was said in the post of Machine Gun Kelly 

The rapper took to the platform of Instagram stories where he posted the pictures of the now vandalized bus, it had various slurs written on it which were homophobic in nature written in spray paint of all colors, left for Omaha and mentioned that he was taking the power rangers with him, he went on to say how the person had waited for the clock to strike 5 in the morning because the rapper was around the buses until 4:30, he also mentioned how instead of doing something better at his home, the criminal had all the time in the world to pull off such stupid acts    

Suspects for the vandalization of the bus of Machine Gun Kelly 

Kelly mentioned how his team cleaned the bus and the police were informed about the incident very quickly, the incident had taken place outside the farman hotel, as of now suspects have been taken into custody for this