Chris Rock opens about the will smith slap fiasco at the Oscars

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 After months of choosing to keep his silence about the much highlighted and sensationalized controversy, Chris rock finally broke his silence about what had happened when will smith slapped him as he was hosting the Oscars this year. 

Chris rock talks about the oscar controversy 

While in the Maddison square garden in New York, Chris rock took the stage on the evening of the previous Saturday, he also had Kevin Hart sharing the stage with him as a part of the headliners allowed only comedy tour. Even the very controversial comedy sensation David Chappelle had been on the stage as a surprise for the audience on Saturday, while on stage for performing his part, Rock attacked will in a completely open manner devoid of any and all subtleties, he said that he had joked about the bad boy’s actor while talking about the toxic cancel culture of today, in fact, the 57-year-old comedian went as far as to say that those who claim that words hurt a lot are actually the ones who have never received a punch in the face, the comedian Kevin hart joined him too as he brought a goat on stage and titled him as Will Smith, for that od you who don’t know about the original controversy, at the Oscars award ceremony, while playing the host, Chris Rock had made some joke about Jaden Smith, this didn’t go down well with the men in a black actor who stood up and walked up to the stage and before anybody could realize what was happening, delivered a tight and shooking slap on Chris Rocks face. He even cursed Chris rock and told him never to say the name of his wife again. 


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Chris rock says wont talk about slap unless being paid

 While addressing a segment of overly sensitive people, saying he is no victim nor he is interested in acting like one to garner sympathy from the public, he went ahead to say that he is not sort who run to hospital about something as minor as a papercut, he said that people want him to rant about the event, but he wont unless he is being paid to do so.