Is Kylie Jenner expecting her third child? She leaves an enigmatic comment.  

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Is Kylie Jenner expecting her third child? She leaves an enigmatic comment.

The real question arises is Kylie Jenner expecting a child again? She already has two kids and maybe they are expecting another one. 

Who is not aware of Kylie Jenner? The famous Hollywood personality is a heartthrob for millions of people. They together have two children named Stormi Webster, and Wolf Webster. Kylie Jenner came again in a limelight after a few days she was titled a ‘climate criminal’. She was given this title because she used her private jet for a mere 17-minute journey. They both live in California and as rumors spread, they can be expecting their child soon. 

Is Kylie Jenner expecting another child?

This fashion icon Kylie Jenner who is also a social media sensation created a buzz online recently. This buzz happened when she commented on her boyfriend’s recent IG Post with a few emojis. Her boyfriend is a famous rapper. The model’s pregnancy is estimated when the wealthy businessman answers back to Travis Scott’s post. The businessman replied with a few emoticons of a pregnant brunette.  

What was the comment by Kylie Jenner on Travis’s post that created a sensation?

The most recent photo of Travis Scott is of himself present on the streets of Manhattan. H was wearing grey leggings, a black T-Shirt, and a chunky neckpiece. They uploaded the photograph on Instagram during the previous weekend. He wrote a caption with an emoticon of the Statue of Liberty. Along with the emoticon he further wrote, Present there in NY time. 

His girlfriend, the famous supermodel Kylie Jenner decided to have some fun with the rapper and his fans. As his fans stomped his most recent photo he posted on IG. Kylie gave a response to her boyfriend’s photos by adding a few emoticons of a pregnant brunette along with that the brunette was massaging her belly and had a funny reaction to it. Kylie Jenner on Instagram has more than 360 million followers. This comment of Kylie made everyone speculate about the pregnancy of Kylie Jenner and they might be their third child. 

However, Scott has not given any statement about the comment that Kylie made. Neither Kylie nor Scott gave any remark on their comment about Jenner. Both are silent about the speculation about their third pregnancy. 


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Kylie Jenner and her kids

Both Kylie and Scott have two children named Stormi and Wolf Webster. Stormi was born on 1st February 2018, and she is at present four years old. Adding to that, the Wolf was conceived in the year 2022 on 2nd February. She even said that for her second child postpartum was more difficult than for her first child.