All the details for the concert of IU, dates, tickets, prices

Concert of IU

You would be glad to know that your all-time favorite South Korean Singer IU is coming for a concert We are quite sure that your calendars might be looking all messy thanks to you marking the dates on it about which of your favorite artist is coming where for which of their tours, well you wouldn’t mind making it a bit dirtier would you? 

Announcement of dates for the concert IU

With so many musicians now traveling all across the globe to be close to their fans after so long gap that was the pandemic, IU isn’t too far behind, she is coming with her own concert for her beloved fans and they are very excited to see their favorite singer perform live 

From what we know as of now, IU’s concert of 2022 will commence on the 17th of September and will only last for a day as the concert concludes on the 18th of September, we got the reveal about the concert the previous Wednesday only. 

What’s going to be special about the concert IU for 2022

This time, the concert of IU is being titled as the golden hour: under the orange sun, although apart from revealing the dates and the title for the concert, we also got a sneak peak look at the teaser from the concert, we can see our favorite singer IU in an immaculate uniform in tones of dark colours all complete with a proper hat, she is framed by a glittering orange backdrop which adds to the beauty of the teaser poster, the concert is all set to be hosted at the Jamsil stadium in Seoul.   

Where can you buy the tickets for the concert of IU of 2022

Although we have the dates and the venue for the concert of IU, where you can get your hands on the ticket is still unknown and you would have to wait for it.