Here’s what Andrew Tate’s ‘Final Message” looks like, after his ban from social media.

Here’s what Andrew Tate’s ‘Final Message” looks like, after his ban from social media

Andrew Tate, who has been under the spotlight for being one of the most controversial figures, has delivered his “final message” which is a 60-minute video on Vimeo video after he was banned by apps like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for his continuous violation of their policy.

Andrew Tate made an announcement by means of Vimeo on August 23 subsequent to getting criticized for his acts in recent weeks.

After being restricted from various internet-based stages, Andrew Tate posted an hour-and-thirteen-brief Vimeo video that started with him telling about his young age when he was harassed on school transport and had to deal with the matter himself.

Subsequently, Tate guaranteed he hit one of his harassers in the face with a metal lunchbox prior to running home.

“Surprisingly early on, I was instructed that going to power and crying and trusting another person planned to fix your concerns isn’t the manner in which a man ought to act,” Tate said.

He proceeded to address the numerous continuous claims against him, raising his strict convictions and repeating that the ongoing backfire “doesn’t genuinely influence” him.

Andrew Tate hits back at “inappropriate” criticism

Tate then, at that point, hit back against famous rumors and alegations against him, predominantly claims of sexism, referring to a specific TikTok that he guarantees took his words out of context.

Andrew Tate says staying social medias will be devoted to noble cause

The web-based tycoon additionally asserted that he would be making donations to orphanages and will utilize the money he’s acquired from his internet popularity for “positive causes.”

Tate wrapped up his video by empowering his fans to “kindly make sense of reality in a conscious way” to his faultfinders and said that “any excess web-based entertainment channels” of his will be committed toward worthy missions.