Jessica Simpsom Looks Dazzling In Swimsuit And Posts Natural Selfie.

Jessica Simpsom


the 41 year old singer shared photos of her and her family enjoying as they all gathered to celebrate fathers day together last Sunday, she also went ahead and flaunted her looks when she shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit and a filter free and no make up selfie of hers.

She also went ahead and uploaded a photo where she could be seen having a good time with her family, which includes her husband Eric Johnson and the three children the couple have, namely, Max, Ace and Birdie who are 10, 8 and 3 respectively, Simpson looked absolutely stunning in what appeared to be a purple and yellow swim suit which complemented her curves and added to the similar looking sunglasses that covered her eyes.

The Singer Celebrates Fathers Day With Her Dad And Family.

Jessica also went ahead and posted the photos of her with her father where they could be seen happily embracing each other while holding what appears to be a handmade Father’s day sign, probably made by the singer herself or the kids, she also mentioned her husband’s account in the caption of the post.

On Monday, she posted a no makeup all natural selfie wrote  a lovely and touching caption, she went ahead to tell how she was grateful for all the fathers out there, she went ahead to mention and tag her father, her husband and her father in law and thanked each of them for being part of her life and making it wonderful in every way possible