After five years of ban, Ice Poseidon returns on twitch

Ice Poseidon

In recent news, it appears that the virtual exile of the twitch streamer Ice Poseidon draws to a close after the duration of his 5-year ban from the platform is now complete, it is not uncommon for the platform to take action against some streamers which result in bans like these, but what had exactly happened with Ice Poseidon that he was made to stay off the platform for about half a decade, now it seems that he is all set to return on the platform with a bang, but when is it going to happen? And what had actually happened was that the platform Twitch had gone so far as to ban Ice Poseidon.

Streamer Ice Poseidon and his 5-year ban

Paul Denino, who is better known by his alias on the internet, Ice Poseidon, had been a popular streamer on the platform twitch and was a recognized name in the world of video game streaming, but his fame at that time had a very short lifespan since he had been charged with the crime of swatting, he had engaged in the act of fooling the emergency services, which lead the platform of twitch to ban him for five years, this was because he misleads the emergency services and led them to a plane for no good reason at all.


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Ice Poseidon reveals his return on twitch

Recently, using his official handle on the social media and photo sharing application of Instagram, he used the feature of stories on the app to reveal to his fans about his possible return on the platform of twitch, he announced now that his ban has ended, he will be making a return to the platform of twitch and get back to streaming. However, he has made no particular indication about the exact date and time of his return, he also did not reveal much details of his plan to reenter the streaming world.