Bam Margera Took shelter at a hotel after running from the rehab 

Bam Margera

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facility ordered by the court After he fled the rehab center, Bam Margera was found at a hotel earlier this week. He reportedly went missing but the manager of the rehabilitation facility center told him that he fled the institution on Monday. Fled the rehab center, caught at a hotel He was found at a hotel situated in Delray Beach in Florida. The authorities searched the nearby places of the rehab center and yes, he was in one of those nearby hotels.

Fled the Rehab and was caught at a hotel

The main job was done by a crisis intervention team and cops, they found Margera, two days after he went missing and also sent him back to the facility where he is getting his rehabilitation treatment. According to some of the sources, the old TV star, Bam Margera, 42, did not resist or rebel when he was found and told to go back to the rehab center.


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What was the court order?

Previously, according to the orders of the court, Viva La Bam was to get his treatment while staying at the center under strict supervision and therefore there were cops who were constantly looking out for him. Even though his security was confirmed by the manager, but it was certainly some lack in their supervision and security that the TV star was able to flee the center. 


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Bam Margera and his rehab programme 

The West Chester, Pennsylvania Native, the TV star has to successfully complete one year of rehabilitation program for this addiction with drugs and alcohol. 

In September, Brandon Cole Margera, popularly known as Bam Margera, was admitted to the Delray Beach facility.

Officers took him after officials said he was an “emotionally unstable man.”He said he planned to enroll in outpatient therapy for the following two months at the time.