Wynonna and Ashley Judd were left out of Mother Naomi Judd’s will

Naomi Judd

Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CMT

It appears that the daughters of the late country singer Naomi Judd, Wynonna and Ashley Judd met with a tragic surprise after it was revealed to them that their mother, the famous Singer Naomi Judd had decided to leave them out of her inheritance and had steps taken so that both of them are excluded from her will.

Naomi Judd excluded her girls from her will

Earlier this year, in the month of April, Naomi Judd, who is a very famous singer in the country music genre, had committed the act suicide as she had shot herself with a gun at her home in Lieper’s Fork in the state of Tennessee, she was 76 years of age when she decided to end her own life, according to the will and testaments left by Naomi Judd, Larry Strickland, whom Naomi had been married to for about almost three decades, is the executor of the legacy left by Naomi. If the official documents are to be consulted, then the late and famous country singer had chosen and appointed her husband of 33 years, Larry Strickland as the executor of the estate left behind by Naomi Judd, she even mentioned the case if in any case or under any circumstances, her husband Larry is unable to carry out his duties as the executor of the state, then the mantle will fall on her good brother Reginald Strickland and Daniel Kris Wiatr, according to her will, the executor of estate is to have control and choice regarding what is to be done with any and all assets that are the part of the legacy and estate of Naomi Judd, he wont be requiring any permissions from any court of law to do this as well, she even dictated the reasonable amount of compensation that he will be awarded for his services, it will also include any and all expenses that will be born by Larry in order to carry out the terms of her will, like the fees of the lawyer, accountant, etc.     

Naomi Judd and her will

The will of Naomi Hudd had been made back in the month of November of the year 2017, which is roughly half a decade before her unfortunate demise, the daughters, Wynonna and Ashley are very disappointed that their mother chose to exclude them from her will