Ricky Martin is in trouble after allegations of sexually abusing his nephew surface.

Ricky Martin


If the reports are to be believed, then the nephew of Ricky martin has accused him of sexual abuse, if found true, Martin could be sent behind bars for about 50 years, Martin’s legal aide and attorney Marty Singer spoke to the Post and Friday and said that the person leveling these allegations suffer from serious mental health issues and the accusations he has leveled on Martin is completely baseless and absurd, he has never been involved in any capacity with his nephew.

Who is Ricky Martin?

Only two weeks ago, the South American pop singer Ricky martin had been issued a restraining order related to a case of domestic violence, by a judge in Puerto Rico, the identity of the victim has been guarded due to reasons of privacy, however, the brother of Ricky Martin, Eric told the media that the victim is a twenty-one-year-old person who goes by the name of Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, who is the singer’s Nephew.



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Ricky Martin might face a term of 5 decades.

If the allegations are found true, the 50-year-old Ricky Martin will face a sentence of as long as his age at the moment, that is five decades, if the reports from the local newspaper El Vocero are to believed, then martin and the one who has accused him of sexual abuse dated for roughly 7 months before they went separate ways for reasons yet to be disclosed, however as the alleged victim claims, that Martin couldn’t stomach the break up and was spotted at least three times stalking the house of the victim

Matin’s side of thee story claims that there had been type of romantic or sexual relationship between him and his nephew and the nephew who has made such absurd claims suffers from mental health issues.